The following Projects are a few of the many projects we have contributed to. We are happy to provide information on any of our Projects (subject to confidentiality).

Environmental Impact & REF

Cheetham Salt EIA

Broadsound to Lilyvale Transmission Line EIS

Gladstone to Larcom Creek Transmission Line EIS:

Vegetation mapping and classification
EPBC application and succesful appeal to a ‘controlled action’
Vegetation Management Strategy and Plan
Endangered Vine Thicket Management Strategy
Marine Plants Permit
Harbour Works Permit
Indigenous community liason

BMA Blackwater

REF Road Realignment

Main Roads Queensland

REF Byfield Road Realignment

Development and Planning

Over 60 land development projects:

Flora and fauna survey and impact assessment
Significant areas impact assessment
Compliance to Local Government and NRM&W
Legislation, policies and codes
GQAL investigation
Visual Amenity impact assessment
Bushfire Hazard Assessment
Bushfre Management Plans

Threatened Species Management

Development Projects

Cycas ophiolitica Conservation management plans

Gladstone to Larcom Creek Transmission Line

Semi-evergreen Vine Thicket management plan

Broadsound to Lillyvale Transmission Line

Identification and management strategies for
Endangered Brigallow Communities


GIS is used extensively on most of our projects. Some examples of our larger GIS Projects include:

Shoalwater Bay Military Training Area

GIS pest mapping of SWBMTA (4,000 sq/km)
GIS Database Solutions

Livingstone Shire Council

Vegetation Mapping Entire Shire (10,000 sqkm)
Significant environments (2,000 sq/km)

We also provide the following GIS capability

Viewshed analysis (Visual amenity)
Point to point intervisibility
Long section generation
Digital elevation modelling
3D visualisations

Bushfire Hazard Assessment and Management Plans

We provide bushfire assessment and management plans in accordance with local government requirements and the State Planning Policy 1/03

Vegetation Management & Revegetation

Development Projects

Property Maps of Assessable Vegetation
Property Vegetation Management Plans

Powerlink Gladstone to Larcom Creek Transmission Line

Vegetation Mangement Strategy and Plan

Dee River Dams Remediation Project, RoadTek

Revegetation Concept Plan

Mt Etna Mine

Rehabilitation monitoring and assessment

Department of Public Works NSW

Revegetation of 27 km of coastal land over pipeline.

Pioneer Construction Materials

Vegetation Management New Road and Quarry

Native Plant Seed

(collection, treatment, storage, & direct seeding).

Commercial & community native plant seed operations.

Harvest Seed Company, NSW (I Denley, Partner, to 1978)
Australian Native Seed Merchants & Reflora Australia (I Denley proprietor & partner to 1997)
Capricorn Community Seed Bank  (I Denley, Coordinator 1998-99).
Native seed collection, supply and direct seeding.
Rutile & Zircon Mines, Newcastle; Mineral Deposits P/L, NSW Main Roads, NSW Public Works

Weed Management Strategy and Plans

Shoalwater Bay MTA Weed Management Strategy
Dee River Dams Remediation Project
Capricorn Coast Weed Management Strategy
Pioneer Construction Materials
Development Projects

Erosion and Land Management

Balfour Beatty/United KG Joint Venture

Soil erosion and sediment control advice

Queensland Rail

Erosion control on railway batters, Blackwater and Biloela


We also have experience with exploration geology.
Exploration Geology, Uranium, Arnheim Land, NT (Uranga Sellshaft)
Geophysical Survey NW Pilbara (Murray Longman and Associates)
GIS Mapping and Field verification (Gold) NE
Pilbara NT
NE Pilbara Uranim exploration Geology (Murray Longman and Associates)

Research Papers

Denley, I. & Heath B. (1999). Leaf size classes in Bowenia serrulata. Central Queensland University.
Gyasi-Agyei, Y., Ashwath, N., & Denley, I. (1997). Erosion control on railway embankments using vetiver and other grasses. Plant Sciences Group Annual Research Report.
Smith, N. (1998) Difficulties with collection and propagation of rainforest cabinet timbers and the desirability of improved seed sources,  in Managing and growing trees, Farm Forestry and vegetation management, Training conference,
Smith, N. 2002, Aspects of germination & early growth in rainfrest cabinet timber species, Central Queensland University.